Where’s the river going, dad?

To the ocean.

Straight to the ocean?

No. It will twist and turn for thousands of miles.

Where did it start?

Up there, atop the mountain. It starts with a raindrop, fills the lake, creates a waterfall, and makes a river.

A raindrop is so tiny. How can it make a river?

One raindrop is tiny, but billions are powerful, a force of nature that creates a raging river or a tranquil pond.

How long will it take to reach the ocean?

Months, many months.


Yes. It’s in no hurry to get where it’s going. It will meander through mountains and valleys and enjoy the journey.

What does meander mean?

Hmm. Meander. Yes. It means to stroll or walk. It will take its sweet time – faster in parts, slower in others.

Why doesn’t it go fast all the time?

It goes as fast as it needs to go. If it’s flat, it goes slower; if it is flowing from a mountain or rolling down a hill, it will go faster. It has a job to do as it travels across the country.

A job?

A job.

What do you mean?

The river is a resource for many, and it’s filled with life, like fish and plants.

Like the fish we catch.

Yes, ma’am. Big, beautiful trout.

What else does it do?

It feeds the trees and plants. It provides water to farmers so they can grow the food we eat.

What else?

It lets animals and birds drink from its banks.

Like my horse?

Yes. When Sage is thirsty, she’ll bow down to the river and lap up water to quench her thirst.

What else?

It provides power to the electric company so we can turn on our lights.


A raging river produces power, and if you can harness it, it will provide energy to millions.

What else?

Big boats float on their back, moving cargo from one town to another.

What kind of cargo?

All kinds. Grains, cars, cattle, you name it.


Ha! Yes, especially toys.

What else?

Well, others use it for fun.

What kind of fun?

Oh, boating, for example, or fishing, or swimming.

Is this the biggest river in the world?

No, there are larger ones like the Mighty Mississippi, the Nile, and the Yangtze.

Is it the fastest?

No, others are faster, I’m sure.

Is it the slowest?

I doubt it; there are slower ones.

I see.

You should live your life like a river.

I can’t be a river. What do you mean?

Enjoy your journey – don’t go too fast or too slow. Bring life to others by helping those in need; use your time, talent, or treasure and your God-given gifts to make a difference in this world. A river is beautiful, majestic, and powerful, just like you.

I should meander.

Ha, but meander with a purpose.



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