J.J. Watt and the Art of Setting Goals.

J.J. Watt is an immoveable force and a beast on the football field.   He’s the current defense end of the Houston Texans and a three-time NFL defensive player of the year.   He has been terrorizing quarterbacks since 2011 and has recently decided to sack his largest opponent, Hurricane Harvey.

After Hurricane Harvey decimated Houston, Mr. Watt decided to tackle a fundraising goal of $200,000 so he could help those in need.   He encouraged Houstonians and others to donate to his cause.   Professional athletes, movie stars, television hosts, and children have all raised money for his fundraising goal.[1]

His current fundraising efforts are approaching $20 million dollars or 9,900% above his original goal!  In addition to the millions of dollars he’s raised, pallets of water and other necessary items have been delivered by the truckload to a warehouse in Houston.

In fact, his fundraising has been so impressive that many people are calling for Texas State Highway 99 to be renamed J.J. Watt Parkway.[2]

His effort to love his neighbor is humbling.   What can we learn from Mr. Watt’s goal setting efforts?

  1. A goal must be specific.  A goal without details is just a dream.
  2. A goal must be actionable. Mr. Watt acted on his goal.   Goals don’t happen by themselves; you need to act on your goals so they can be realized.
  3. A goal must have a definite end date. A goal, without a timeline, will not be achieved.
  4. A goal must be in writing. Once you decide on your goal, write it down on a piece of paper or 3 x 5 card so you can see it all times.   Your goal should be visible to you always.
  5. A goal must be accountable. If you’re serious about setting a goal, have a friend or loved one hold you accountable.  An accountability partner will keep you on target as you chase your goal.
  6. A goal must be flexible. Mr. Watt’s original goal was $200,000.  He could’ve stopped at his original target, but he continued to push the envelope and encourage people to keep on giving. He repeatedly raised his target by $1 million after each milestone had been reached.
  7. A goal must be celebrated. After you’ve completed your goal take time to celebrate your efforts and then set another goal!

Goal setting is paramount for an individual to be a successful investor.   Investing without a plan can be hazardous to your long-term wealth.   A financial plan will crystalize your hopes, dreams and goals by putting them in writing.  A financial plan will move you closer to your financial goals and hold you accountable as you rush towards your financial finish line.  Individuals who complete the financial planning process have three times the net worth of those individuals who do no financial planning.[3]

If you’d like to help J.J. Watt, here are links to his fundraising and foundation websites.



You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ~ Wayne Gretzky #99.

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ ~ Matthew 25:40

Bill Parrott is the President and CEO of Parrott Wealth Management, LLC.  For more information on financial planning and investment management, please visit www.parrottwealth.com.

September 5, 2017
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