A Restless Soul.

A restless soul I be,

Traveling continents sea by sea.

Not much for drink or gin,

For it’s your spirit who moves within.


Open doors to face your fears,

Run through the valley amongst the tears.

March on and never stop,

Drop your pride, your rage and ascend to the top.


Riding dusty roads across the plains,

I trudge on through heavy rains.

Saddled with courage and fortitude,

As the path ahead gains altitude.


Trails I trek high and low,

Storms may break but I never slow.

Leaping from stone to stone toward the peak,

Exploring distant shores is not for the faint or weak.


Miles upon miles I’m weary and worn,

My clothes are tattered and torn.

Moving forward through trials and tests,

The light ahead draws me towards peace and rest.


I open the Book and there you are,

Guiding my steps near and far.

You tell me not to worry and show no fear.

I call you by name and you hear.




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